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Singaporean Comfort Food

Adelaide, South Australia



Chicken Rice!!

Opening Hours

Kensington Road Location

Monday -  Friday

11:30am - 2pm

Last order 30minutes before closing time

Thank you and stay safe!

Now Catering!!

About Katong House

We have always been inspired to create a dining experience true to the Singaporean heart. 

Not only do we want to show you the soul of Singapore cuisine, we want you to feel it as well. 

Let your all 5 senses take in the flavours of the food and the environment around you, while you are wrapped by the colours of a handpainted artwork depicting the key elements of the country and culture. 


Authentic Singaporean

There is a common misconception that Singapore is a part of China and has often been generalised as a part of Chinese cuisine. 

In actual fact, Singapore is a proudly independent country. Its fusion of cultures including China, Malay, Thai and Indian, has allowed Singaporeans to take the best foods from each culture and develop it into their own.

As of December 2020, Singapore Hawker street food has just been added to the UNESCO Heritage list.

At Katong House, we only offer true, authentic Singaporean dishes, such as Hawker style cuisine.



Do we do Singapore Noodles? 

No! There is no such thing as Singapore Noodles in Singapore!


They were created in Cantonese Restaurants in Hong Kong, so you won't find them on our menu. 


Dine with art

Around you.

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